May 2004



The Minutes from the Clifton Betterment Association
May 13, 2004 Meeting
Clifton Primitive Baptist Church, Clifton, Virginia


The meeting was called to order by President, Michelle Stein at 7:12pm.  Eighteen members of the Association were in attendance.  Officers in attendance were Michelle Stein & Lynne Garvey Wark.  The Minutes from the previous meeting February 11, 2004 were accepted – a motion was made by Michelle Stein  & seconded by Deb Dillard, passing unanimously.  The Financial report as prepared by Treasurer Steve Goetzinger, was approved, ($58,000.00 in the CBA fund & $21,000.00 in the Town Improvement Fund with gross receipts of $25,000.00.  Michelle moved & Wayne Nickum seconded that the financial report be accepted as presented - & which passed unanimously.




Bylaws Committee Recommendation
Headed by Steve Effros initiated a Resolution approving the attached articles to be filed with insertions with the State Corporation Commission and with such changes or omissions as may be required to cause them to be filed.  It was agreed that Michelle would sign off on said changes and a motion was made by Brant Baber and seconded by Steve to approve the revised set of articles of incorporation as stated.  Wayne indicated that form 990 also needs to be filed by 11/15/04.


Fridays in the Park
Donna Netschert will be heading up this fun series of events for the first Friday of the month during the summer, 2004.  We had hoped to have Brian Goldstein, (a local attorney who was to have entertained us with a Shakespearean farce) but he is not able to be one of our entertainers/musicians, so we are currently seeking ideas for June, August & September.


Brigadoon Committee
Lee Ruck has changed his mind (discussed at the 2/7/2002 CBA mtg.) & will now be considered for the author of the 1980- present chapter.  The committee has met and Rick Dygve moved and Diane Dygve seconded that he be paid $4,000.00 for the re-write of the new chapter called:  "Brigadoon meets Enron & Gay Marriages…"  Also included would be an appendix on each Mayor who has served during this time frame, colorful town characters and pets belonging to Clifton citizens.  Additional information would include the social life of Clifton, civic events and issues from 1980 to today.  Also included would be information on the Primitive Baptist Church renovations, the 8 Acre Park, the Barn, the Caboose & the Webb Sanctuary.  Events would include the 4th of July & the Haunted Trail.  Organizations represented would be the Clifton Community Women's Club and the CBA.  Lee has already received $2,000.00 that President Michelle Stein approved prior to the meeting (contract outstanding).  A spirited discussion ensued which included comments by Tom McNamara (Committee Chair) – who read the two page outline that Lee has drafted so far & a tribute piece on Earl Lee that Lee Ruck had written some time ago—in order that all in attendance could hear his writing style.  It was met with chuckles & applause.   Comments were also made by Head of the Publication Committee, Fairfax County History Commission, Dr. Don Senese, who asserted that $4,000.00 was an exorbitant sum to be paid for a single chapter re-write.  Additional discussion ensued including a whether or not to draft a contract with Lee.  A final motion was made by Brant Baber and seconded by Lynne Garvey Wark to pay Lee Ruck the remainder of the $4,000.00 ($2,000.00) upon publication of the book.   A number of people indicated an interest in joining the Brigadoon committee. 


CBA Scholarships
Work has continued on this project with some $1,000.00 being ear-marked for presentation to deserving local high school seniors.  Committee members included Lynne Garvey Wark, Peter Noonan, Merle Engle & Michelle Stein.  Scholarship presentations will be made at the 5K Race. 


The Barn

Royce Jarrendt is drafting a proposal to the County for our use of the Barn.  A local lumber company will provide an estimate for needed new lumber.  Targeted completion of work would be Autumn, 2004 – in time for the Fall Barn Dance. 


Upcoming Events:


Clatter Deadline – asap


The 5K will be June 5, 2004


Next CBA Meeting – tbd

The meeting was adjourned at 8:11pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lynne Garvey Wark, Secretary



Date Posted:5/4/2006