November 2005



The Minutes from the Clifton Betterment Association
November 30, 2005 Meeting
Clifton Primitive Baptist Church, Clifton, Virginia


The meeting was called to order by President, Michelle Stein at 7:03pm.  Fourteen members of the Association were in attendance,  Officers in attendance were Michelle Stein, Tommy Petersen & Lynne Garvey Wark.  Others included Steve Effros, Aileen Mitchell, Chris Spina,  Lane Johnston, Bill Wark, Brant Baber, Rick Dygve, Diane Dygve, Jeff Stein, Margo Buckley & Jennifer Chesley.  The Minutes from the previous meeting from March 30, 2005 Steve made a motion seconded by Chris that the Minutes be accepted as presented.   The P&L Financial report as prepared by Treasurer Steve Goetzinger, was approved, (motion made by Lynne & seconded by Aileen).  Considerable discussion followed in terms of creating a Sponsorship Committee (Tommy suggested) that would create a Sponsors program so that when a group sponsors a Clifton function they are not hit up repeatedly throughout the year – the proposed program would provide advertisement for sponsors at various CBA sponsored events throughout the year – i.e., the 5K, Clifton Day, etc.  Discussion & a report recommending such a program & its particulars will be presented at the next CBA mtg.




Membership Directory
Emmi Holmes has been working on this enormous task and is struggling to merge software programs Access with Print Shop.  She is hoping to complete this project after the first of the year.


Barn Report
Boy Scout Troop 1104 helped install a new side sliding door to the barn – the key to the barn is kept at the General Store & the combination to the new sliding door lock is the same as the BS Troop #.


Kids Holiday Party
Will be December 11th from 4-6pm – Phyllis Lovett is the Chair. 


Walking Tour
Lynne just received (about 3 weeks ago) the disc with info on it for the Clifton Walking Tour map from Sharon Cavileer.  New changes need to be made which could include names & logos of Clifton Sponsors & a list of Clifton events.  Work on this will proceed after the Candlelight Tour this Saturday, 12/3.


Clifton Day Update
Clifton Day was a great success this year (in spite of the rain leading up to it).  New publicity chairs were Claudia & Michael Anton.  Tommy also commented on the new basketball court asphalt and backboard/hoop installed in the park – which Bill Ferrence designed & assisted in our receiving an excellent price – with no cost to the town.  The old backboard/hoop will stay in place. 


Playground Committee
The Committee is targeting a collection of $80,000.00+ in funds to launch this important part of the Town Park.  Collections so far are $32,000.00.  Aileen commented that with the competition of the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, two proposals to help sponsor have now been lost.  The PG still needs timber & mulch & if they can get those items at a reduced price, that will help move this project along.  Jeff  made a motion, seconded by Lynne for CBA to contribute an additional $30,000.00 to the Town to put towards the playground.  Much discussion ensued & it was decided to wait until a budget drafted by Steve could be created, stipulating that these funds be so included & that such budget would be presented at a special meeting in January, 2006.  A motion made by Jeff and seconded by Tommy to vote on such a budget for the 2005-2006 year at a meeting on January 11, 2006 was passed unanimously.


Brigadoon Committee Report
Diane Dygve reported that Lee Ruck had been sick, but that the group had met with him & that a rough draft with captions for photos would be ready after the first of the year. 


Scholarship Committee
Still consisting of Peter Noonan, Merle Engle, Lynne & Michelle, - Michelle asked to be excused from the committee since her step-son will be applying this year.  No new nominations were made for an additional committee member & the group agreed to have the committee proceed with the three members.  Extra effort will be made to be in touch with the Robinson HS guidance counselors – which Tommy indicated he would help facilitate.


Primitive Baptist Church
Needs to have an enormous tree removed next to it, as it is precarious & could fall on the church & cause serious damage.  An estimate from Bill Beach (Care of Trees) for $1,600.00 to remove the tree has been received.  Since Bill has done considerable work for the town and this is a very good price, it was moved by Michelle & seconded by Lynne that we spend CBA monies to have this tree removed.  The motion was passed unanimously.




Reimbursement to Lynne Garvey Wark to help support shipping costs for Hurricane Katrina Relief
Lynne made a request to the CBA to help pay for shipping the overwhelming donations to families of police officers living at the Kenner County, Louisiana Police Dept., due to the loss of their homes in hurricane Katrina.  Most have been living at the Police Department & an Adopt-a-Family program was set up by a friend of Clifton’s Ester Pline to take care of these folks.  A thank you card has been received from several families – sent specifically to the CCWC & the CBA.  The abundant response from the Clifton community left the Wark’s with over $700.00 in shipping costs – over $300.00 of which they have already personally committed to contribute, but requested that the CBA help with the remaining $448.25.  A motion was made by Tommy to reimburse the entire amount and seconded by Jeff Stein.  Lane commented that we should not set a precedent in reimbursing any charity that comes to the CBA.  Diane indicated that what Lynne had done nice, but that she shouldn’t expect the CBA to help out.  Rick Dygve and Steve Effros commented that the CBA’s purpose is to assist the Clifton community, and that paying for assistance to unrelated communities is outside that purpose.  Jeff commented that this (assisting with shipping costs) was an excellent example of how a community could help out another community.  Based on the discussion the motion was withdrawn.  Tommy offered to personally donate $200.00 towards the costs and Michelle suggested that everyone present help contribute & that if Lynne had not heard anything from those present within the next few days, to let her know & she would put out an email to the CBA email list requesting donations for Katrina relief shipping expenses.


Flood Plain Project
Much work has been done to tidy up the floodplain & to make way for a walking trail around the site.  Removal of invasive species of non-indigenous plants is underway & the Town is working on this project as well.  Anyone who is interested in helping, please be in touch with Michelle.  Rick Peterson is heading up a project to tidy it up & has presented it to Town Council.



The slate presented was:
Michelle Stein – President
Tommy Peterson – Vice President
Lynne Garvey Wark – Secretary
Steve Goetzinger – Treasurer


It was decided since there had not been ample publication of the slate to hold elections at this meeting, so another meeting will be held January 11, 2006 to do so.  Chris Spina was also nominated to serve as 2nd Vice President on the slate.  Steve also recommended that we review the bylaws to revisit the election and balloting procedure and stated that the bylaws currently require the CBA to hold quarterly meetings.  include a mandatory annual meeting, revisit the balloting procedure and to hold quarterly meetings.  Michelle indicated it was difficult to hold meetings in October with Clifton Day always held on the 2nd Sunday. It was noted that past meetings had been held in September.  Recommendations will be presented at the 1/11/06 meeting.


Michelle requested that Emett Barrett be sent flowers from the CBA via Lane at A Flower Blooms in Clifton.  He is quite sick.  Lane suggested that we include him as someone to interview for the town Oral History project, since he has lived here so long. 


Upcoming Events


Clifton Candlelight Tour
Has been slated for Saturday December 3rd – home owners include Raie Paxton, Phoebe & Rick Petersen, Esther & Patrick Pline, Geri & Susan Yantis, & Michelle & Jeff Stein.  Shuttle buses will be available this year, as will be parking at Clifton Elementary school – since the town will be crowded with cars attending two large events at Heart in Hand.


Next CBA Meeting
January 11, 2006


The meeting was adjourned by Michelle at 8:30pm.


Respectfully Submitted,
Lynne Garvey Wark, Secretary



Date Posted:5/4/2006