March 2005



The Minutes from the Clifton Betterment Association
March 30, 2005 Meeting
Clifton Primitive Baptist Church, Clifton, Virginia


The meeting was called to order by President, Michelle Stein at 7:07pm.  Eight members of the Association were in attendance,  Officers in attendance were Michelle Stein, Tommy Petersen & Lynne Garvey Wark.  Others included Steve Effros, Emmi Holmes, Aileen Mitchell & Lane Johnston.  The Minutes from the previous meeting from September 22, 2004 were accepted – a motion was made by Steve Effros  & seconded by Aileen Mitchell.  The P&L Financial report as prepared by Treasurer Steve Goetzinger, was approved, noting it did not include revenue collected in 2005 to date. 



Membership Directory
Emmi Holmes has been working on this enormous task with the help of new Town Clerk, Fawn Freeman.  There is no targeted publication date, as yet. Emmi will provide Michelle with a new, updated CBA email list.  There will be a listing of 313 residents & 72 business – down from 313 residents (2002) & up from 67 businesses in 2002.  Emmi has collected $2,640.00 from the included ads.  Michelle Stein made a motion, seconded by Lynne to spend $2,640.00 on directory expenses. 


Barn Report
Helen Buller was not present to give us an update & whether or not there is county approval.


Town Birthday
The Town of Clifton birthday party will be 4/9 at 5:30pm this year.  Gary Anderson of the Coffee Mill will provide beverages & Vicki Blum will coordinate this annual town potluck event.  The Golf Tournament & Scholarship applications (see below) will also be available for distribution at the potluck.


Golf Tournament
Tommy Petersen has agreed to head up this significant event on Monday, May 2 at Westfield’s Golf Club – hopefully the beginning of an annual event.  Proceeds from this tournament will benefit the Playground committee.


5K Update
Gary Anderson will head up the annual “Caboose Run” slated for 6/11-6:00pm.  A meeting will be held on 4/6 at 7pm to further discuss plans for this runner’s event.


Summer Saturdays in the Park
Donna Netschert will head up this event. 


4th of July
A Chair is needed for this event – Lynne agreed to head up the Parade competition team.


Clifton Day Update
Everything looks a go for Clifton Day – which will be October 9 this year.  Over $10,000 was raised in 2004.  Tommy has agreed to head up the day, again. 


Playground Committee
The Committee is targeting a collection of $85,000.00 in funds to launch this important part of the Town Park.  A request was made for the CBA to donate is committed $10,000.00 to the playground committee (the Town is donating another $10,000) – a motion was made by Aileen & seconded by Lynne which passed unanimously.  There will be opportunities to donate at the Town Birthday.  The equipment has been taken down & is gone.

Brigadoon Committee Report
The committee had nothing to report, as Lee Ruck’s daughter is getting married and his energies have been focused on that.


Scholarship Committee
Still consisting of Peter Noonan, Merle Engle, Lynne & Michelle, applications for this scholarship will be available at the Town Birthday party.




Primitive Baptist Church
Needs a new paint job on the roof.  Lynne suggested Ponds Roofing.  Lynne made a motion that we proceed, Steve seconded and the recommendation passed.


Land Acquisition Committee
Michelle suggested that a committee be formed to buy land around the town to protect & preserve the historical integrity on the town.


Upcoming Events


Town Walking Tour Pamphlets
Lynne will be getting with Sharon Cavileer to re-produce these informative brochures.


Clifton Clean-up Day
Has been slated for Saturday, May 7 – Lynne & Jennifer Chesley will coordinate, again.  Areas that need attention include:  the bridge coming into town (which needs  a new coat of paint), the triangle welcoming people into town, Ford Lane – particularly the dumpsters that are an eyesore & which were to have had a fence installed around them when they were first put in place (a la the dumpster in the parking lot next to the town PO)


Clifton Candlelight Tour
Has been slated for Saturday December 3rd – all home owners have volunteered & include Rai Paxton, Phoebe & Rick Petersen, Esther & Patrick Pline, Geri & Susan Yantis, & Michael & Claudia Anton,


Next CBA Meeting


The meeting was moved to adjourn by Aileen & seconded by Steve at 7:50pm.


Respectfully Submitted,
Lynne Garvey Wark, Secretary



Date Posted:5/4/2006