About Us

Clifton Betterment Association (CBA)

The C - B – What?

The CBA is the local civic association dedicated to improving the Clifton area. Clifton is a small community in the midst of a rushing metropolis. The CBA is dedicated to taking time out by providing activities to bring our community together and opportunities to share in the work of preserving the beauty and charm of Clifton.


Where’s the Party?

CBA Sponsored Activities:

  • Clifton Birthday Party
  • 5k Caboose Run
  • Clifton Day
  • Fourth of July Party
  • Clifton Holiday Party


What have we done lately?

Have you seen the spectacular restoration of the Clifton Primitive Baptist Church on Main and Chestnut Street?

We bought the land at Newman and Clifton Road (Saved Some Green Space!) which includes a bam that will be renovated for CBA activities.


What’s in it for me?

If great parties, fun and saving one of the last small towns in the area from extinction aren't for you, look what’s behind door number three:

You get the quarterly newsletter Clifton Clatter, which fills you in on all the CBA events, town news, volunteer opportunities and great gossip!

You get the CBA phone directory, containing all the names of members and their children, a very handy reminder. Of course, you also get member’s numbers and addresses - we also include numbers for town businesses.