September 2004



The Minutes from the Clifton Betterment Association
September 22, 2004 Meeting
Clifton Primitive Baptist Church, Clifton, Virginia


The meeting was called to order by President, Michelle Stein at 7:09pm.  Eleven members of the Association were in attendance, two arrived later, making a total of 13 in attendance.  Officers in attendance were Michelle Stein, Tommy Petersen & Lynne Garvey Wark.  The Minutes from the previous meeting May 13, 2004 were accepted – a motion was made by Trish Robertson  & seconded by Chris Spina, passing unanimously.  The P&L Financial report as prepared by Treasurer Steve Goetzinger, was approved, ($13,331.00 in Net Income & $79,654.00 Cash on Hand) with a motion made by Lynne Garvey Wark & seconded by Aileen Mitchell that the financial report be accepted as presented - & which passed unanimously.  The CBA can also count on an additional $12,000.00 from TIF for the purchase of the land next to the flood plain.



Barn Report
Updates included information that Royce Jarrendt is willing to put drawings together for an “open air” town facility and when done & county approved, the CBA will take bids for the construction work.  Helen Buller indicated a new roof, concrete & water drainage makes it acceptable for industrial use and also noted that it is stabilized.  Overhead lighting still needs to be installed.  Karen Arnold suggested that the building be advertised to potential users. 


Fridays in the Park
Due to inclement weather and conflicts on the 1st Fridays this summer, the Friday in the Park program did not really take off – Donna Netschert is willing to try for Saturdays next year.  She indicated that the Labor Day party in the park was a success. 


Clifton Day Update
Everything looks a go for Clifton Day – we have several new sponsors and those volunteers assisting with parking in the lots will now be equipped with radios.  Tommy’s team attempted to distribute flyers on the cars at the VRE parking lots, but were asked to stop, as it was deemed unwelcome solicitation.  Tommy Peterson will, again, be hosting a VIP party for the sponsors – catered by Outback Steakhouse.


Playground Committee
They had nothing to report, as a PC meeting will be held after this meeting.


Brigadoon Committee Report
This committee will be meeting next week & has nothing to report at this time.




Primitive Baptist Church
Needs an overseer – to watch over the property & ensure it is locked & unlocked properly when in use.  Karen Arnold suggested we advertise on the CBA web site. 



Upcoming Events


Halloween Candy Distribution
Diane Dygve will, again, take on this responsibility and ensure that candy can be donated at the Clifton Store & if necessary, picked up there, too.  There was discussion that many Clifton residents ran out of candy for Halloween 2003 & that more would be needed.  Wayne Nickum made a motion, which Lynne Garvey Wark seconded, that Diane be given authority to spend up to $800.00 for Halloween candy.  The motion was approved unanimously. 


Clatter articles
Due 11/1/04.


Clifton Candlelight Tour
Will be held, Saturday, 12/4/04 from 4:000-7:30pm with the Caroling on Horseback parade beginning at 2pm.  The Town Christmas Tree lighting will be at 8:00pm.


The Holiday Party
Terre simpson is willing to take on the organization of this project &is looking for good entertainment.  At present a “Reptile Man” is being considered for $200.00


Next CBA Meeting


CBA Scholarship winners:
Laura Jean Buller, $500.00; Jane Bronwyn Baber, $250.00 & Olivia Hunn, $250.00.  Awards were presented by CBA President Michelle Stein at the 5K, Memorial Day weekend in May.  Scholarship Committee members were Michelle Stein, Merle Engle, Peter Noonan & Lynne Garvey Wark.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:55pm.


Respectfully Submitted,
Lynne Garvey Wark, Secretary



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Date Posted:5/4/2006